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No one else will ever compare. No one else will ever come close

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I wonder if it's cause she's turning 30, or because she was at wedding yestersay, or both, that Ali finally realized she loves Ashlyn more than anything bad that could come from them being out. I have noticed how much more open she's been since Tyreso about letting social media know when they're together and stuff


You probably didn’t intend it to come across this way, but please do your best from now on to not shame people for not being out.

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honestly in this for how brilliantly happy both ali and ashlyn look

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sydney rae, you are the bestest.

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Ashlyn: *posts two pictures of Ali*

Ali: *posts picture of herself*

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Can we honestly not..

Can not function properly right now.

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i really do like the idea of the EMs competing with Krash in who could kill the fandom without actually making any actual statements.

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